Summer Solstice Sprint – Sunset

Setting off after breakfast my ultimate destination was Morecombe on the west coast. But first I had a couple of stops to make, the first being Whitby, I had been told it was well worth a visit. I set my google maps and started off but as usual something caught my eye along the way.… Continue reading Summer Solstice Sprint – Sunset


Summer Solstice Sprint

It’s odd where the ideas come from, often it’s just a simple conversation that sparks me off with an idea. This conversation was about the sunsets and how after the solstice the nights would start drawing in. A sobering thought when you realise we are half way through the year and you haven’t done much… Continue reading Summer Solstice Sprint


Just Me, On My Own, in Yorkshire

Well this one was a long time coming. I knew I needed to get back to my weekends away having stalled over the winter months (apart from Singapore at Xmas) Question was, where to go, I had no great callings. Instagram is always good for inspiration. I found a photo of a waterfall that took… Continue reading Just Me, On My Own, in Yorkshire


Tom, Dick and Really?!! Online Dating Insight

First of all before I start this particular blog, a word of warning to my mum, who at 82 has started to dabble in technology and has discovered my blog, I may swear and say things you will not approve of, so it’s your choice whether you want to read it or not. I believe… Continue reading Tom, Dick and Really?!! Online Dating Insight


Firewalking – Why?

Don’t you just love it when your friends think of you when they see an event on Facebook and think of you?! This particular one was Firewalking at the local pub The Black Bull. Saz tagged me. Blame has been placed 😆 I read it, it sounded interesting and certainly a challenge. The evening would… Continue reading Firewalking – Why?


Singapore – Shooting the Breeze

It was my last full day, I had one more sleep before I would have to pack up and leave. I knew I already didn’t want to. I had nothing planned. I got ready and decided along the way that I really should go and see the Marina Bay Sands hotel up close. So far… Continue reading Singapore – Shooting the Breeze


Singapore – Boxing/Bike Day

I had to be up early! Not my strong point, especially as my sleep pattern could currently be described as paisley, if Picasso had had a hand in it! You get the picture?! But I had to force myself as today was the day of the Bike Tour around the city. It started at 9… Continue reading Singapore – Boxing/Bike Day