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A Big Wet Week

This swimming malarkey is knackering, especially when you have a best friend encouraging you and not allowing you to quit. That friend is Viv, she’s cropped up in a couple of my other blogs. She’s my rock, the voice in my head and conscience on my shoulder, although I don’t always follow her advice...I can… Continue reading A Big Wet Week


Shooting The Breeze

Sunday - what a beautiful day it was! Intense blue sky and glistening frost on the ground, the view out of my window was trees, a field and a horse. The plan today was to visit a park with ancient trees and absorb some real soul food. I feel like I’m a bulb underground, slowly… Continue reading Shooting The Breeze


No People – Perfect

I hadn’t planned to go away. It just happened. Packed my bag on the Friday and took off. Destination, a hotel near Gatwick. After breakfast on the Saturday my intention was Brighton, I needed the sea and it was a friend’s birthday the following week and I planned to go to Choccywoccydoodah to get some… Continue reading No People – Perfect