An Odd Mood

Do you ever get one of those days where you just can’t be bothered with anything? Everything is an effort, nothing seems to go right. Doing simple tasks can take an age, silly things like putting coffee in the cup, spilling it everywhere, dropping a sock and taking several attempts to pick it up and failing then banging your head on the way up even though you Knew the wall (yes wall, I can bang my head on the wall by accident, I am that special) was there.

It was an odd mood that was upon me today from the moment I woke up. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d had it whilst I was still asleep! I’m pretty sure the people in my dreams would have got the brunt of it!
I have no idea where it came from but I knew the only thing I could do was wait it out and hope to come out the other side with a smile and not give myself too hard a time. It happens. We all have them.

I’ve had them before but I’ve never really bothered to think about why they happen. Did someone look at me in an odd way? Did I tread on a crack? Is it in the stars? Did I get out of bed on the wrong side (that’s an odd saying in itself – how can you?) Is the wind blowing in the wrong direction? Is it hormonal – so much crap can be put down to that, after all we women (and I believe men go through things too) go through so much in that ‘department’ from our teenage years to our more mature and wise (personally I am still waiting for maturity and wisdom) years. I know sometimes I find it hard to be upbeat and cheery all of a sudden when I have had little or no interaction with anyone else. It’s like some days I need a warm up comedian to get me going before I can be let loose on the world.

I know in the past I’ve allowed them to affect my behaviour towards people but today I seemed to be more in tune with myself. I had recognised it was happening so I knew I just had to keep my head down and wait for it to lift.
Don’t start the conversation Ange, keep your head down, don’t make eye contact, no small talk, keep your grumpiness to yourself, don’t infect other people, they were happy before they saw your miserable face!
But then as the day wore on I realised that this is exactly what I needed. The small talk, the silly, funny little things we say in passing to and from the toilet at work, the chit chat at the sandwich van, in the kitchen on the tea run, when we vent at work over the idiots we all have to deal with – which by the way makes us all idiots at some point because we all get ‘dealt’ with in various ways and situations. Anything to raise a smile.

Slowly, as the day wore on, lunch had been eaten (food does seem to help I have to say) I started to thaw. Conversations were had, smiles were cracked and the mood slowly began to lift. My ‘work family’ are truly amazing. It really is quite incredible how different you can feel from just smiling, although it’s probably not recommended when you are just walking along, but then, if you can infect someone else with a smile why not! Grin like an idiot, be the Cheshire Cat! You could be the reason their bad mood starts to lift 🙂 try it.

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