Christmas? Nope!

Christmas. Not my most favourite time of the year, not since my Dad passed away in 2010 and my boys grew up. It can’t be stopped but it can be changed. I can’t remember the last ‘traditional’ Christmas I had. A ‘hot’ holiday was researched, no destination in mind, just a budget and the temperature had to be warm enough for soaking up some rays.

The destination ended up being Corralejo, Fuertaventura, and I was lucky enough to have my ‘boys’ join me. Not sure they felt the luck spending time with their old Mum, away from their caves, creature comforts and friends, but they agreed all the same!

Packing took place the night before departure, it felt odd getting out the summer clothes, my organisational skills seem to have deserted me but it’s kind of fun doing things last minute, makes it feel more exciting! I’m trying not to get stressed about things, I’ve made myself ill in the past because I’ve worried and panicked about details, no more. What’s the point arriving on holiday so stressed that you end up with a migraine?! So, chilled it had to be and chilled I was.

The journey was uneventful. The drive down to Gatwick in my Mini with three adults and four suitcases was fairly smooth, although I did go the wrong way on the M25 after stopping at a service station! I didn’t panic but I actually heard the eye rolls that accompanied the mistake! I’d booked the Valet parking which was brilliant, I’d definitely recommend it, you leave your car and walk straight into the terminal.

I’d already checked in online. Now all of this was new to me, in the past I would have let my husband sort all the details out, check in, insurance, car park, passports but this time I had to step up and take charge – be the grown up!

Luckily my boys look after me. They despair at times and wonder how I manage on my own but I can do it when I have to – mostly! I do like to wind them up though, have a little fun, it’s my job as a Mum.

We made it onto the plane and landed safely on Fuertaventura, easily finding our bus to take us to our hotel. Looking out of the bus window we couldn’t really see much but could make out mountains and the sky was full of stars – perfect. By the time we arrived it was late and we were shattered. We settled in for the night, looking forward to breakfast which would finish at 10am so we still had to be up and ready – well I did, it was up to them what they did.

I woke up early, I’m always exited to see the view in the morning when I’ve arrived in the dark. Our room was a suite and it was poolside, so that was the view, the pool. It meant all I had to do was walk outside, grab a lounger and I was set.

This is what I did after breakfast. We were all inclusive so all the meals were buffet, perfect, again.

I had told the boys that the first day was a wind down day for me, doing nothing but reading, sun bathing and listening to my music, if they were ok with that. They were. Max was happy in the room and Sam took himself off into the town in search of a battery charger for his camera.

It was lovely being with them, especially at meal times, reconnecting with them.

We’d picked up some literature on things to do and Max fancied the Dune Buggy experience, as he’d passed his test he was excited to give it a go. I said I would book it the next day, I was also going to hire a car so I could go further afield.

So after a day of chilling along with a swim in the pools (one was freezing but I still went in) we all retired – day one was over already and I was already feeling relaxed and ready for whatever was to come along.

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