That Was Totally Awesome Dude!!

So after breakfast the next day the task was to hire a car and book the Dune Buggy’s. Sam wasn’t doing it with us, he was taking himself off to explore, which turned out ok because the buggys were two seaters and Sam doesn’t drive.

Max had chosen the one he wanted to do, luckily the lady on reception was able to book it for me over the phone and also the car rental, but that wasn’t starting until the weekend.

We were picked up after lunch , along with another English couple and taken a few miles down the road.

We went inside to do the paperwork and pay, all of the buggys were parked there. Max was buzzing, he couldn’t wait. It wasn’t until the guy asked for driving licenses that it dawned on Max he hadn’t yet got his license through having only recently passed his test – poor thing, he was absolutely gutted, I really felt for him – until it dawned on me what I had let myself in for!! As usual, I had put deep thought into this! I had to drive it!! I’ve never driven anything like it before!

While we waited for the ‘lesson’ on how to drive it Max bought us a ‘bandana’ each, it went over our heads and around our necks so we could pull it up over our mouths to keep the dust out.

We all gathered round one of the buggys so it could be explained to us. It was automatic so no worries about changing gears, they would turn it on for us each time, no smoking because the tank was behind us!!! The seat belt was four point (but not very tight!), the seats were like bucket seats, we had to climb in ( like a contortionist) and get settled. We would be driving on the roads for quite a bit of the tour so they told us the do’ and dont’s. We went off in two groups of 4 buggys with each group there was a guide on his quad bike and bringing up the rear there was a buggy being driven as a spare. We were told to stay in the buggy if it broke down and they would come back for us!!

Well, it only took a few minutes to get used to it.

It. Was. Totally. Awesome.

I loved it!! What was not to love! Messy hair, sunshine, sand and a huge grin on my face! I may have even done a Whoop at some point!

Our first stop was Dunas de Corralejo, we got out and crossed over the road and walked up a sand dune, to be greeted by a view of the sea – even bigger grin! – there was a lady photographer who was going to take photos throughout the tour. She had Max and I posing on top of the dune, not sure Max was impressed but he did it anyway. Apparently the sand gets blown from the Sahara desert which was only 40 miles away. It was all so beautiful. White sand, blue sky and deep blue sea.

Back to the buggys. We drove for quite a while before the next stop, actually going off road, it was all loose stones, sand and dirt, being a volcanic island there wasn’t a huge amount of vegetation and it was all quite dry, thank goodness for the bandanas, they got pulled right up and tucked under the sunglasses. Now this, was serious fun!! Up and down hills, bumps, dips, twists and turns – just fab! We stopped at a cafe, the guides had something to eat and we got a couple of cokes, it was amazing how you could taste the dirt in your mouth, I was completely covered in dirt, it had stuck to my sun spray. Although the sun was shining it was quite cold driving, some people had obviously thought about it and had jackets, I just had a vest top on and jeans, max had a t shirt and tracky bottoms. I tried to wrap a scarf around my shoulders but there was no way it was staying put, it helped a bit though.

We carried on through the volcanoes and eventually stopped in a car park on the side of one that I would later learn was called Vallebron. The view was beautiful out to sea with a hill in front, the only hill on Fuertaventura, called Tindaya. The photographer had us posing again, as I had said I wanted to purchase them at the end she took more of us. She had stopped ahead of us a few times so she could photograph us as we drove past.

We carried on, down the windy road and joined the main road. Except our buggy just stopped. Died!! Noooo! I turned it off and on again, it worked! Phew!! Slight panic! We caught up with the others before turning off and going off road again for quite a way. They even managed to find a puddle which I delighted in going through at speed, getting splatted in mud – got Max too, bonus!

Next and final stop was an Aloe farm. The plants were all in neat rows at the bottom of a hill and we were taken up and given a demonstration and a talk on the plant, it’s properties and it’s many uses. It’s quite an incredible plant, you can break a leaf off and rub the juice on a burn, the extracted liquid can be drunk – it was an acquired taste – and it can be made into many skin care products. Sadly my purse strings didn’t quite reach that far but I’m sure it works, I asked the guy who did the demonstration how old he was, he was 42, he looked pretty good for 42 I can tell you!!

After this stop it was more noticeable that the sun was going down. Being surrounded by mountains it disappears quite quickly behind them. It was road all the way back and it really was cold now. I was just pleased I had jeans on and not shorts!

We got back to the garage and dropped the buggys off but not before ours died again. The guy had noticed it had done it so knew when I told him, as we were leaving they were already looking at it.

Another guy took us back to the hotel, the tour had lasted about 3 hours in the end, great value and loads of fun for the money.

In the shower you could actually see the dirt washing off, it felt great to be clean again.

The email with the link to the photos arrived in my inbox later that evening, quick work and they were worth every single penny, the photos were great and a fantastic reminder of an exciting adventure that I got to share with my Max.

There was a time when the old me would have said “no, you’re alright, I’ll pass” on an experience like that , but luckily, she’s gone and I said hell yeah!!

Don’t think (sometimes) just do, you might just enjoy it and have the time of your life!

Let me know if you do 😃

Dune buggy photos by

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