Have Car. Will Travel.

Well after the excitement of the Dune Buggys the next morning brought more excitement, well, for me anyway, in the shape of an Opel Corsa, my hire car.

Now, again, I would have normally left this to my husband to arrange and pick up but I had to step up – again. It may sound pathetic to some of you that I’ve not done these simple things before for myself, but when you’ve been married as long as we had (over 30 years from the ages of 18 and 20) and more or less grown up together and been looked after by him, starting to take charge of things can be quite daunting on your own.

I have nothing but a huge amount of respect for all the single mums (and Dads) who’ve done it from day one. They are strong people. Even people without children doing it all on their own deserve respect too.

But it does kind of make you feel pretty great when it all comes together. Like the hiring of this little Corsa.

I was picked up in the morning from the hotel reception along with an Italian couple. The guy got us in the car and he explained the process all in English first and then repeated it all in Italian!! Very impressive (starting to think I’m easily impressed! Not sure that’s a good thing?!) I would love to be able to speak another language (and not tell anyone!!)

He then drove us to the office to complete the paperwork and voila! I was given the key and off I went in search of the car parked down the road. Thanks heavens for Google Maps!! It got me back to the hotel and I managed to stay on the correct side of the road and didn’t try and open the window with my left hand once!! It was actually quite a nice little car to drive.

I felt better now I had my own transport. I could escape as and when I needed to.

After lunch Sam and I planned to go for a drive up the volcano called Vallebron, the one Max and I had driven over in the Buggy and had our photos taken on top of. I wanted Sam to see it too, so he could take some photos. We found it easily enough, I mean, how could you not, it’s a massive volcano!!

We decided that we would go back at night time because we thought the night sky would be quite clear given that there wasn’t a lot of light pollution.

Now this was a little more tricky. It was night (doh) and everything looked different. I’m normally quite good on my directions, I can do a route once and go back a year later, or more, and remember it. After a little panic on his part – I don’t panic so much any more if I go wrong, it adds to the experience!! – we got back on track and finally found the car park up the volcano.

Nobody else was there! We had been right. The night sky was just simply stunning. I had no words (some would say “that makes a change Ange!”). I could stare at the stars and moon for hours and hours. We are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Sam got his camera out and we started experimenting. I sat on a low wall and he set his camera up on his bag on the floor, he didn’t have his tripod, then he lit me briefly with the torch on his iPhone, then covered the light and the photo was taken. It took a few attempts but he got the shot, clever kid.

I then had a quick lesson on what to do (quite a challenge for me, had quite a few things to remember in order!) and took a couple of shots of him on the wall. He then did the same while I stood and looked at the moon. It was quite funny hearing him running around behind me to do the lighting.

I begrudgingly decided it was time to go back. We stopped in a lay-by on the way back and Sam took some shots of car lights as they went past.

Unfortunately when we got back Sam realised he had no way of downloading the photos. We tried all sorts but I was going to have to wait until we got home – bummer, I was really excited to see them.

So that was another little tick off the list of what we wanted to do. We had been looking forward to seeing the night sky. Sam has been to Malawi and he said that was even more stunning, I can only imagine.

I would Love to go somewhere where you can see the Milky Way and a really huge moon – I would be in seventh heaven.

Maybe I am easily pleased and easily impressed, maybe I just appreciate the simple things, the natural things. I’m not really a materialistic girl, give me a walk and some trees, throw in a sunset, stars and a moon oh and the sea and I’m happy.

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