Departure Day I Believe

A restless night was had by me, not Max, he can push the snores out for England!

Really honestly can’t remember the last time I slept through a night. This time I had lots going through my head, mainly what on earth was going to happen to us today.

I couldn’t wait for it to be light so I could see what I had been able to hear the night before – or rather at 2 in the morning when we’d arrived.

I got up and opened the curtains and the patio door, walked out in my pants and vest thinking I wouldn’t be seen – I was wrong, but I was decent! – and had a look around.

There were two huge pools, a bar, sun loungers, palm trees, gardens, another bar, it was huge, completely different to the one we’d stayed in for our holiday and you could see the sea! I walked down to the pool and dipped my toe, it was a tad chilly but maybe doable. I took a few photos and made my way back inside to wake my boys. I was hungry even if they weren’t. We’d been given all inclusive wrist bands when we’d been allocated our rooms so there was no worries there.

Showered and dressed it was just Sam and I who made it down to breakfast. It was manic! There were food stations with all sorts of selections, people going in all directions with plates and bowls stacked with food.

It made me appreciate the hotel we’d left, it was a lot smaller and much more civilised, more personal. I realised I’d quite liked that.

After we’d eaten we went in search of someone ‘in the know’. We found no one. Tui had pulled it out of the bag the night before at the airport but let themselves down this morning. There should have been a representative there ready for questions. There was lots of hearsay, people had heard things, not sure how, I think there was another rep from a different company who’d had some details but they didn’t get everyone together to let them know. I spoke to a lady who had heard what he’d had to say, she mentioned that we would have to check out at some point. I wasn’t too keen on this, not knowing if we were leaving or not.

Sam and I went back to the room to update Max. We agreed we’d stay in the room as long as we could. I decided to put my shorts on and go for a wander around the grounds and down to the sea.

I walked straight to the little beach. I have to say I was a little disappointed, it was a fairly rocky beach.

There were sun loungers out with people settled on them already. I couldn’t settle though. The not knowing what was going on was beginning to agitate me. My ex husband rang me to see what the situation was. I told him we were in the dark and waiting for information. He offered to ring Tui from England to see if he could find out anything. He rang back but hadn’t found much out, no one seemed to know a lot. They weren’t sure if the plane was being fixed and they were waiting for a part or if another plane was being sourced.

I made my way back to the room, as I was, Sam rang me to tell me he’d had a phone call in the room and we were to check out at midday. So, we packed up and made our way to reception, checked out and left our cases in the luggage room.

We still had no information.

We realised it was lunchtime. We chose a table away from the crowds and went and got our buffet. I have to say it was lovely having another meal with them both, I was enjoying every minute I had with them, I knew when we got back I wouldn’t see them as much.

While we were eating a Tui rep walked around asking if anyone was on the Gatwick flight. Finally! She came over and told us that the bus would pick us up at 6pm and we would be flying at 9pm, almost 24 hours later than planned. What a relief. We could relax now. We had a time to work to. The boys went in search of comfy seating with a plug socket nearby and I, well, guess where I went.

How could I not. When I’d been on the rocky beach earlier I’d noticed there was a sandy beach further round so I went and found it. I had my shorts on still and my swim shoes. I had thought about a swim but it was too involved and I had no towel. A walk and a paddle would be just perfect anyway.

I walked quite a way, the water was cool but lovely. I stopped to do the usual writing in the sand, in fact I spent quite a while doing that, quite enjoyed it, then walked up the beach and sat on some rocks and just watched the sea, again. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be doing it again when I should have been home. I know it wasn’t a great situation and I’m sure some people were really inconvenienced and maybe missed connecting flights but I really do try and look for a positive in any tricky or unwanted situation. I have to admit, sometimes it’s hard and the doom and gloom can take over, but I try and pull myself out of it. Everything happens for a reason. I’m a great believer in fate, serendipity, you just have to believe it’s all going to be ok and it will be.

Anyway, to be sitting in the sunshine and watching the beautiful blue sea and hear the waves again was just simply magical to me. It just helps the thought process. There are no walls, no computers, just fresh air and an endless view.

I slowly and reluctantly made my way back to the hotel and found the boys. They’d had a game of pool together and apparently it was my turn to be beaten by Max…or so he thought! I surprised him! I know how to play! I beat him on the first game but not on the second, it was fun and killed some time.

I opted to have a little snooze and found a sofa in a corner and shut my eyes for 10 mins. I was conscious that we were going to be landing at around 1.30 am and I would then have just over a 2 hour drive home and we’d heard that the weather was bad, with ice and snow.

We got our cases out of the storage room, I put my jeans and jumpers on and we waited with the others for our bus.

When we got back to the airport the check in was smooth and quick, they were doing their best to process us quickly. Security was the same hassled experience!! Although this time I was minus cutlery and water. We pressed the ‘unhappy’ button a few times on the machine as you exited security, quite a few times actually!!

It was like deja vu all over again.

We had another Burger King while we waited. It wasn’t long before we were called to our gate and we were allowed to board.

When we were all on board the Captain, the same one as the night before, came out into the cabin and talked over the speaker and apologised again and explained that it was a new plane that had been flown from Glasgow for us. He was very lovely and very open and honest, a trusting quality in a person who you need to have trust in!!

I slept as best as I could, sitting between both of them and using their shoulders when I could.

After landing (what a relief!) and obtaining our cases we went in search of the Valet parking. It was very convenient. She told us were were late – really?! – but I explained what had happened and showed her the letter that Tui had issued which meant we didn’t have to pay any penalty charge which was great.

The drive home was smooth, stopping once for a break, the roads were beautifully quiet but you could see the frost on the hard shoulder and the gritters were out so care was taken. We got home around 4.30am, my ex husband had waited for us as he wanted to see the boys before he went off on his travels on a cruise for New Year with his partner.

Phew! What an adventure! I like a bit of excitement but won’t mind if I never have that kind again.

It didn’t really spoil the holiday, we didn’t let it. It was all out of our control, nothing we could do so just went with it. I made the most of the extra day given to us, it was fab.

The holiday was great. I absolutely loved spending time with my gorgeous boys. It was something that needed to be done. I have spent and do spend a lot of time on my own travels for weekends whenever I can and I was conscious that I hadn’t spent a lot of time with them. I think they enjoyed it but next time, their Dad can take them!!!

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