In Search of My Happy, Mojo, or whatever! I’ve lost something!

Well the weekend couldn’t come quick enough. I’d allowed recent events to get me down. Down to a point where other people noticed at work. I shouldn’t have. Couldn’t help it. I am normally upbeat and fairly chirpy but I just couldn’t muster it.

Anyway. I had this weekend booked. It couldn’t come quick enough. Back to my favourite place on the Planet (so far anyway) Tintagel in Cornwall, Camelot Castle Hotel.

I set off early on the Thursday, well, about 11.30, that’s good for me.

The sun was shining, the sky was blue and Vinnie (my mini) shot off! It was like he knew I had to get away and fast. Music was turned up and I started singing – felt great!! It’s what I need obviously, I have a wanderlust, I’m already thinking about my next trip!

The journey was uneventful apart from the weather, it deteriorated the further west I got but everywhere still looked beautiful to me. I stopped for a photo op of a beautiful, full rainbow, I love to see a rainbow, I think they are quite magical.

Arriving at the hotel was as exciting as it was the first time. I checked in, the lady on reception remembered me – not sure if this is a good thing – and I made my way up to my room on the second floor past the huge round table and up the lovely wide staircase. I had treated myself to a four poster room, wouldn’t normally but they had a deal on, I’m assuming to bring the customers in over the winter months, it would be out of my price range in the peak months.

It was gorgeous. Old and characterful, I love antique furniture, furniture with a history and a soul. My smile was huge. I could just make out the view – the Atlantic and Tintagel Castle. Perfect. I went back down for some dinner, fish and chips and a drink and then went and sat in front of the fire in the lounge/giant hall, it was so relaxing and I had a real sense of belonging and feeling very comfortable.

I went up to bed and I couldn’t wait for morning and the view.

It didn’t disappoint. I was awake early. The sun was shining and I had plans for the day. I had wanted to go back to St Necterns Glen as I’d loved it there last time but my friend (Viv, my bestie and my voice of reason) said I should go somewhere different, so…. I did.

First stop was petrol and then on to find Golitha Falls. After the petrol I just turned off the main road and google maps did the rest. I love google maps, it takes you down some interesting routes and is handy when you have a destination in mind. The journey was 19 miles, it took me 1.5 hrs!! There was so much to see, so many views, rivers, bridges, snowdrops, daffodils and trees!! Oh my goodness the trees!! One of the roads went along the River Fowey which eventually fed the Falls. It was so incredibly pretty, helped by the blue sky and sunshine, I didn’t know where to look, although it should have been the road I just couldn’t concentrate on it! Thankfully it was a fairly quiet road so I was able to stop….often!!

I made it to the car park for Golitha Falls (it was still daylight🙄😃) and parked up. Parking and toilets were free but the sign said they’d appreciate it if you supported the cafe Inkies. I went in and asked which way to the Falls and I was told to go over the road and follow the river. Off I went.

I was immediately in a magical, heavenly place. Everything just lifted from my shoulders it was pure peace and tranquility. A bubbling river, birdsong, blue sky and sunshine through the glorious trees and not a breath of wind. I could have cried it was so perfect.

The ‘pathway’ was interesting to say the least, it started off ok but the further you went the more interesting it got, jumping over little streams and picking my way around the roots of the trees to eventually clambering over rocks and squelching through mud – and I loved every single bit of it!!

There was no one else about either, so when I was talking to myself and the trees I didn’t have to feel too crazy 🤪

I went as far as I could before needing a grappling hook and rope. Some steps, that were very well camouflaged with soggy leaves, lead down to the waters edge and part of the waterfall. It was fairly loud, I videoed it, so much better than a photograph when it comes to waterfalls I think especially as I’m not a photographer. The trees were covered in moss, like a woolly coat for them, I looked around and half expected to see a T Rex or a Velociraptor appear it had that kind of feel about it. I stayed there for quite a while, didn’t want to leave really, could have just stayed there for hours. I wrote my name on the little beach that was there, standard practice now, did a bit more talking🙄 then had a sudden realisation I had to make my way back across all the obstacles.

I picked my way up and down, stopping to take it all in a few more times. At one point I found a particularly boggy piece and my foot sank right down, to the point where the mud went completely over my boot and onto the bottom of my jeans!! A real Squelch!! I had to find a spot at the waters edge where I could dunk my foot and rinse it off.

I got back to the car park and went and bought myself a mint choc chip ice cream, got my change mat (from my river dipping days) and went back and plonked myself on the river bank, feet dangling over the edge and ate it. It was wonderful. Bird song, the sound of water, trees and an ice cream.

Heading back off in Vinnie I drove over a bit of Bodmin Moor to my next destination, a place called Minions – I have an unexplainable love of Minions – there was also a couple of stone circles called The Hurlers. I parked up and made my way to them, across the sodden grass, sinking down again. I tried to pick what looked like an easy path through and around the obvious bits of water but the in between bits were just as wet! I renamed it Bogmin. I didn’t like this place very much, felt bleak, had an effect on me, got a bit teary so made my way back to the car, but not before taking a pic of me in my Minions hat in front of the Minions sign – well, it had to be done!!

I drove back the way I had come, back past Golitha and along the river road and stopped at the Jamaica Inn, I was going to have something to eat here but it didn’t appeal to me so after buying a witch to hang from my kitchen ceiling that would join the others I made my way back to Tintagel, making sure I took the little roads again, you see so much more.

I stopped in Tintagel and had a chilli for my tea in King Arthur’s Arms then went back to the hotel for a coffee in the bar.

It had been a fantastic day, the weather had been perfect and the water and the trees were pure soul food for me. I’d found some of my happy. I’m a simple soul, don’t ask much, trees, fresh air, water, sea – all free – how perfect is that and what a perfect place for it and I still had 2 more days of it 😃

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