Seizing The Day

Sunday. No plans. Maybe just a bit of housework, washing, tidying…? Nope! Who was I kidding!! It will always be there! It was a beautiful sunny day! Why waste it inside?! I can’t do it, I’ve tried, I top up my housework but I’m certainly not a slave to it. I’ve done all that in the past, get no thanks for it and no one notices anyway – so……

I texted my Mum before I got out of bed. I said the sun is shining I’ll come and pick you up and we’ll go to Hunstanton. I think the text alone made her day 😊

Having only lost my stepfather early September last year she is still obviously finding it hard. My Mum and Dad were married for over 50 years, when she met Les I found it very hard to accept and adjust, but I couldn’t have wished for a nicer man to look after my Mum. They were very happy together and he is sorely missed.

Hunstanton holds a dear memory for her, it was where they’d gone for a date on their first weekend together, where he’d taken her hand to help her up a hill and he’d never let go of it.

I arrived at my Mums to pick her up, she’d got all her jumpers ready and had even packed a flask of hot water to make a cuppa. When I was a little girl we would go out most weekends for a day out and invariably take a picnic, either stopping on the way to eat it or when we got there, wherever there was, usually the sea. Fab times. Simple times. Happy times.

The drive from my Mums was about an hour, I’d already done about 50 mins to get to her, the weather slowly deteriorated until we were driving through sleet🙄 hay ho, never mind, it would soon pass.

Because of this we decided to go into the town and get some fish and chips to take away and eat on the cliff top overlooking the sea. We parked up, the tide was out and it was still raining. We sat munching our way through the very yummy fish and chips, sometimes in a comfortable silence other times talking about a memory that had popped into our heads. After the food we had our cuppa, in china cups (that had seen better days but served the purpose) and had a laugh about it. My parents would take a camping gas burner, a kettle and a frying pan when they went out for trips or holidays, making fresh tea and sometimes cooking a full English breakfast by the roadside, how wonderful was that! Maybe I should start doing it?!😃

We sat for quite a while and chatted, waiting for a window of opportunity to get out but the rain kept coming. I had my waterproofs but my Mum didn’t, I didn’t want her getting soaked, there was no point and she is 81 after all!! (something I have to keep reminding myself).

We decided to drive back into the main part of Hunstanton and walk along the prom, stopping to take a pic along the way (can’t help myself!)

When we parked up the heavens opened again – so we waited again and got out when it had stopped.

It was flipping cold!! I mean really cold, the wind on the face actually made your cheeks hurt. We walked towards the sunset, the tide was right out at its lowest point but there was still a little reflection on the beach which made for a nice photo. I told Mum I had my swim shoes with me and that I’d thought about a paddle – she practically dared me to do it!! Don’t dare me. Off we went back to the car to change my boots – she couldn’t believe it at this point that I was going to do it, doesn’t she know me at all?!🤣

We trudged back down to the beach and made it to the waters edge, it was further out than we realised. I was ok in my swim shoes but the sand was very wet for Mum but she never gave up!

I trusted her with my phone (she is a bit of a Luddite, hates technology and tuts when you look at your phone!), this was quite something. I set up the video so all she had to do was press the red button. I walked off into the sea – it was a tad chilly – and completely loved it.

I imagined a full body submersion, lots of people still do this throughout the winter, and shivered a bit, but I can still remember the exhilaration when you get out of the cold water. I didn’t do it this cold, couldn’t, but what I’d done in the past was fantastic and I will never forget it. In fact, just paddling like that made me think I’d quite like to go back to dipping in the rivers and lakes when the temperature rises.

I paddled a bit but I wasn’t sure how far I could go, if the land would suddenly disappear and I would plunge in, it wasn’t worth the risk. The ripples were coming at me sideways and it was quite disorientating, I almost lost my balance.

I walked back to Mum and took the phone off her (unknowingly to me she had waved it about to make me seasick when I watched it back 🙄).

We made our way back to the car where I dried my feet and put my cosy socks and boots on. I was so glad I’d done it. I’d got some odd looks but I’m used to that, it doesn’t bother me, I’ll do what takes my fancy, I can’t be worrying about what people think anymore. If it makes me smile, I’m doing it.

The rain came again when we were leaving, we’d chosen the right window of opportunity, it had stayed away for our little adventure.

I dropped Mum at home and continued back to mine, we live about 50 mins to an hour away from each other. By the time I got home I was shattered. But it was a nice shattered. I felt like I’d accomplished something, better than cleaning and tidying, I’d brought a smile and a laugh to my Mums face, priceless and it felt good.

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