Plan Plan Plan

Fresh head! Fresh ideas! Bring it!

Instagram is taking a hit and Pinterest is off the scale!!

It’s amazing the ideas you can find when you go hunting and even when you’re not looking!!

So far….

This weekend – Snowdrops and fairy trails – booked.

Peniche – West coast of Portugal, fly to Lisbon, hire a car, drive North to Peniche to visit Berlenga Island, a UNESCO site, snorkel, kayak, glass bottomed boat, haven’t decided which, long weekend – booked😳😃

Ideas so far…..

Drive to Provence to see the Lavendar fields in July – imagine that! Beautiful blues, purples, Blue sky, warm sun on your skin and can you imagine the scent?! Mmmm how calming🙃

Mother Shiptons Cave, Knaresborough, England’s oldest attraction opening in 1630.

St Michaels Mount, Cornwall – only reachable by foot at low tide

Eden Project – Botanical garden in two biomes

Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, always fancied visiting where a 27m long ship was found buried

Eurostar to Amsterdam to see the Tulip fields – my favourite flower❤️

Wales – but where? I can’t decide where to begin in Wales, maybe I need a week here to do a spot of touring and walking and maybe even attempting a dip in a fairy pool or two. Maybe start North, visit Bardsey Island for a bit of Arthur and Merlin magic, Anglesey, Snowdon, Brecon Beacons – oh my goodness, it would be amazing.

Tintagel has to be on the list – Always – but not in the summer, one word – people.

The list could and no doubt will go on. Imagine all the places in between to stop at and experience, the villages, the views, the trees!

Peak District, Lake District, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Ohhh Pendle Hill and the Witches of Pendle!

So. Many. Places!!!

Of course there is one Big Wish, Dream, Hope, on my list. It’s been there since I was 17. The first year my family had separate holidays. My parents went on the Norfolk Broads, my sister went on a Club 18/30 holiday 😂and my dream was Barbados – mainly so I could sing the song Whoah I’m Going To Barbados, on Coconut Airways (it is now stuck in my head)😃❤️ sadly, I wasn’t allowed to go on my own, but I was allowed to go to Australia, which I did, on my own, at 17!! We had family there so I guess it made more sense. I stayed for a month and had a blast, Bondi Beach, Bronzed Aussies, Blue Mountains, Taronga Zoo, Sydney Opera House, Sydney tower, a revolving restaurant – on a date!! I still have the photos (real photos!) and even a bit of sand from Bondi. I even dipped in a body of water and I dread to think what could have been lurking beneath😳

I will go to Barbados, of that I am certain.

I guess I’ve always wanted to travel, I definitely have a wanderlust that needs feeding – I’m doing my best don’t you think?

You’ve got to have something to look forward to, something to aim for, otherwise – what’s the point of putting yourself through eight hours a day at work. It doesn’t have to be big holidays with big budgets, simple days out by the sea, a walk along a river or through a wood can be just as beneficial and can still make you feel great, like you’ve achieved something – trust me – I know.

Just do it people.


Experience life.

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