Snowdrops, Sunset, Sleep…..Eventually

Facebook had come through again. It’s amazing what events you can find on there, usually by accident when you’re looking at something else.

This time I’d found a Snowdrop open day at a church in Chelveston and a Fairytrail in Wolverley near Kidderminster.

Now we know what my sense of where places are in this gorgeous country of ours is like, but to me that’s part of the fun, the logistics, trying to make it work.

I’d not been too well in the week, having time off work so I wasn’t 100% sold on whether I should go or not, but I do try and keep going when I can. Sometimes you have to listen to your body though. I hadn’t been well for Foxton either but I pushed through.

I booked a hotel near Northampton for the Saturday night, called The Worlds End on, another resource that is invaluable to me. I liked the name, simples.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do the snowdrops or the fairies first, I opted for the snowdrops.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, as it was only roughly 20 miles away I thought I’d get some chores done first around the house, ease the conscience so to speak. I whizzed through a flick of the duster and a dance with the hoover, conscious that the sun was shining and time was ticking, threw some clothes in a bag and said cheerio to whoever was listening! (The dog🙄😁)

I set the sat nav (the wtf-ometer 😂) and off I went. I loved the roads it took me down (really need to get Vinnies tracking and balancing checked, some of the pot holes are down right vicious)

I got to the church, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a little village church open day but as soon as I got close it became apparent that it was quite a popular event! Parking was at a premium, cars parked on the roadside and abandoned on verges. I drove quite a way past to park, I figured it was a lovely day and I needed the walk.

I walked to the churchyard entrance and down the driveway that was lined with trees and the beds were covered in snowdrops and aconites, a sea of white and yellow, a real feeling of spring, it was lovely – lifted the heart, along with blue sky and sunshine too it all gave a real sense of hope, that spring is indeed around the corner.

I followed the trail of people around the churchyard, it was a blanket of snowdrops.

I’m not a religious person in any way, I’m more spiritual, but I do appreciate a pretty church and I quite like reading tombstones. It’s all about remembering for me, I never walk past a bench without reading the inscription, someone wants to be remembered, so, I pay my respects and wonder what they were like and always say a little something to them. It’s important. I hope I get remembered.

I went inside the church too, fully expecting my feet to start smouldering!😂 I bought a snowdrop and an aconite plant and walked around. It was packed out!! The queue for tea and cake began outside the door! I didn’t partake, didn’t want to push my luck in there. It was all very English. Lovely really. A community coming together, caring about others. It’s the little things like this that are important and must keep going, we should all support our local communities. I’ve lived in my village for just over 20 years now, I probably don’t support it as much as I should but I do what I can, when I can. I’ve done a lot in the past, when my boys were younger.

After wandering around the graveyard for a bit longer I walked back to Vinnie, I was starving, I decided to keep driving on and search for somewhere to stop and eat my lunch. I eventually did, on the side of the road next to a beautiful view of a field. A horse and rider went into the field and I thought how lovely to do that. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden a horse, I love it, it’s just not something that I’ve been able to include in my life up to now but seeing this horse and rider made me think I should look into it. As I was about to leave I noticed in the opposite field a couple of emus!! Not something you expect to see in the countryside!!

I set the map to the hotel but it was too early to get there so I did my usual turning when I felt like it and came across a Country Park, I stopped and had a little walk here, there were a couple of lakes and I tried to identify some of the ducks, I’m hopeless, always have been, but I like to think I might have got a couple of them right.

The sun was beginning to drop, I continued my journey to the hotel but kept turning towards the sunset. I was so glad I did. I eventually came to a perfect spot in the middle of nowhere to watch it. I was quite emotional🙄 need to stop that nonsense. I perched on Vinnies bonnet and just stared. You have to remember, it’s not just the sunset you have to watch, very often the colours behind you can be just as stunning, this was the case this time. It was breathtaking. So quiet…. So still….So perfect…

I tore myself away.

I arrived at the hotel. I was starving – again – but I had to wait until 7 for dinner. I’m getting good at this now. Is it just you? Yeees. I asked for a corner table. My friend at work had advised me a while back about that, when I first went to Tintagel, my first lone trip, to sit with your back to the wall and never in the middle of a restaurant. So it’s what I do now. It’s not easy sitting on your own. Takes guts. Next time you see someone sat in a restaurant on their own don’t ignore them, don’t give them a sad look, they might be more together than you but they could also be feeling a little insecure. You don’t know the reason they are on their own. It doesn’t mean they are loners, it doesn’t mean they have no friends. I think everyone should experience it. Just so you know what it feels like. Until you do, you don’t know what’s going through their head or what it’s like to sit there, amongst couples and families. This time, I embraced it. I had 3 courses And a glass of red wine 😛 it was lovely and I really enjoyed people watching, trying to read the couples, see who was leaning in, who was making eye contact, who was bored, girlfriend/boyfriend, married, friends – it was fun!

I went back to my room and watched a film I’d downloaded, a chick flick – Only You with Marissa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr, funny film about fate, il destino and it’s set in Bella Italia (I lived there for 3 years, loved it), a real feel good film.

Sleep came eventually, I’d been popping pills all day to combat a headache (in fact, most of the week) but it never really went. Maybe the glass of red wasn’t a good idea, or maybe it was the two scoops of chocolate ice cream or maybe it was the coffee or the mint chocolate!! Who knows!! But I embraced it!! I made sure of it!!😂

Tomorrow it was the turn of the fairy folk to be embraced…nutter? Nah… Crazy?…..maybe – Keep people guessing, that’s what I say 😉 Mix it up. Don’t do what’s expected – I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing half the time, it just happens, I go with my gut, if it feels right – do it – hug that tree people! Talk to the birds! Embrace the crazy in you! Embrace life!

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