Pushing The Comfort Zone (A quickie)

If anyone has, or can even be bothered, to read my first blogs you’d know that I’m not great in the water, hence the name, The Swimming Goat (I’m a Capricorn – can explain quite a bit by the way!), I’m an Earth child.

I’ve pushed myself in the water in the past, for various reasons, one of them mainly to share experiences with a past partner.

This time, I’m pushing my comfort zone for me – and for a charity – Diabetes UK (my ex husband, the father of my children, has recently been diagnosed)

The challenge – to swim 22 miles over the course of 12 weeks. Starting on the 22nd February and ending on the 22nd May.

This distance is the equivalent of swimming the English Channel.

Now, to some people, it may sound really easy. But trust me, for me, it isn’t, although, this time last year I would never have thought I would be able to swim a km! But thanks to Viv, my bestie, I’ve learnt how to swim ‘properly’ with my head in the water.

I used to swim heads up breaststroke and front crawl and only a couple of lengths (the pool I swim in is 15m in length and 1.2m deep) and if it was a 25m pool, I would have done widths in the shallow end, where I knew I could put my feet down. That all changed after dipping in lakes and rivers and swimming in the sea (through Durdle Dor once and round to Man O War bay!!) and snorkelling with Basking Sharks in Scotland (a previous blog)

In the process of learning, and Viv was incredibly patient for which I will be eternally greatful, I coughed, spluttered and took on quite a bit of water but I persevered – to the point where I felt confident enough to take this challenge on, as has Viv – but she’s a Mermaid!!

I kicked it off on Thursday with a cake sale and a dress down day at work. My wonderful work family, my team, all baked or bought cakes and some other people donated too.

It was quite a success and a Grand Total of £213 was made on the day!!! How Fabulous was that!! (Yet to be added to my fundraising page)

My friends never, ever cease to amaze me or Ever let me down. It makes all the difference in the World to know that I have the backing and the encouragement that I need from them all.

Through tears and laughter they are there for me. It’s very humbling and wonderful to know that even if I feel alone I’m never truly alone.

So, I did my first km on Thursday evening for the challenge, 70 lengths of my pool, Viv did a mile! We have online trackers to keep tabs and add it up as we go. I’m going to have to swim 66 lengths 3 times a week. My target is going to be to do a few more lengths each time so by the end I will be swimming a mile. You have no idea how much that would mean to me. I was pretty chuffed the first time I did 1km so getting a mile under my cap will be amazing!

I will do it. I’m determined. Life is about evolving, learning and experiencing new things. I was hoping to sign up for the London to Brighton bike ride but I think that may have to wait, finding the time to put the miles in in between the swimming may be too much, but I will do it one day, I’ve done London to Cambridge which was uphill😉 London to Brighton is downhill😉

If you have the urge to donate that would be great, if not, no worries, the odd word of encouragement means a lot too😊🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️

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