Shooting The Breeze

Sunday – what a beautiful day it was! Intense blue sky and glistening frost on the ground, the view out of my window was trees, a field and a horse.

The plan today was to visit a park with ancient trees and absorb some real soul food. I feel like I’m a bulb underground, slowly stirring and waiting to bloom when Spring arrives, like I’m ticking along, waiting for something – no clue what though!!

I had breakfast – with my book – packed up and jumped in the car.

I just sat there. Felt a little lost actually if I’m honest.

I really wanted to see these trees but I was torn. The coast was also calling. It won. The reason – I can find trees at home, down the road, the coast was a lot further away so I decided to make the most of being 30 mins away and looked at my map to see if there was another quiet piece of the coast I could explore.

Norman’s Bay, here I come.

I was very good and followed the sat nav until I got there. Oh my goodness! It was lovely! Hardly anyone there, although I’m guessing the near freezing temperature and bitingly cold wind might have had something to do with that. I was actually able to park on the stones on the top of the beach, hoping I wasn’t going to get stuck when trying to get off them!

I walked along the waters edge, there was some sand and what looked like grey stones – until I noticed a paw print in one of them then realised it was clay!

It was lovely ambling along, taking photos and trying to make a point of looking at things rather than just skimming my eyes over everything. We’re all guilty of that at times, we are all so busy we don’t take the time to ‘stand and stare’ – words from my favourite poem ‘Leisure’ – we should. Mother Nature is utterly beautiful and incredible, perfect and amazing, often moving me to tears and making me feel so grateful that I am able to see and experience so much.

I found somewhere to sit on a concrete ‘plinth’ and dangled my legs over the edge. I watched two horses and their riders enjoying the water, a man in his overalls and wellies searching the sand for I don’t know what, an older lady, with her walking boots and backpack negotiating the stones on the slope and relying on her walking sticks. I sat there and wondered if that was going to be me when I grew up! Still adventuring on my own!

It was so restful, but as always on a Sunday the journey home was always on my mind. I slowly made my way back to the car, but not before I’d had a lie down on the stones near the waters edge and closed my eyes and listened. We pay money for Apps that have the sound of the sea on them for relaxation – this was free – bliss.

I had decided that in my usual style my journey home would not be a straight one😁 I did put home in the sat nav – but I think it secretly knew I didn’t mean it… the roads it took me down were perfect!!

I ended up driving around the countryside for a few hours, stopping for photos and a very late lunch at one point – somewhere!! What I did notice though was unlike the South West, you can find country roads but you come across more villages more often, it’s definitely more populated down South. I think I’m going to have to go North on my travels next time, find more open spaces and more green and trees of course!!

I even found a postbox with V R on it! How cool was that and how fabulous that a piece of history is surviving and rightly so – it’s our heritage.

I decided that my fun was over, looked at the clock and realised that actually, it wasn’t far off time for the sun to set. Question was, did I really want to be on a boring motorway for it…. Hell no!!!

I hadn’t gone that far away from the coast when looked at the map so I turned back and went back to the same beach.

I did what I’d done at Beachy Head the day before, got wrapped up in my coat and dry robe and went and found a spot and sat on my mat.

I was there for ages! Taking photos and videos – and yes I do look back at them, all the time, I love memories, they mean a lot to me – not possessions and things – memories, which spark the emotions you were feeling. I am most definitely Not a material girl.

The sun didn’t set on the sea, it set behind the land but it was still beautiful. It was almost dark when I got up – and fell over!!🤪🤣 I didn’t realise how cold I was, I couldn’t feel my legs, I’d been so enraptured by it all.

There were some ‘youths’ on their quad bikes going up and down, I’m not sure if they saw me go over but if they did they would have had a laugh! I did!

I got back to Vinnie and thawed out before finally setting off for home – for real this time! Who had I been kidding earlier🙄 I get as much out of my days away as I can! Why spend beautiful sunlit hours on the pesky busy roads where no one cares about anyone else.

I got home late. I realised I hadn’t spoken to anyone all weekend except the receptionist, the waiter, the lady at the garage (where I almost forgot to pay for my petrol – I asked her what would happen – she said they would send a letter, if that didn’t work you’d get strung up and shot🤣 my kind of girl😁) and a guy on a cliff, about the graceful gulls. That was it.

I’d enjoyed it, felt refreshed and I always come back a little different.

Maybe I’ll find my lobster one day to share it all with – it’s going to have to be a very understanding lobster!!!🤪😃

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