Swim Update

So, I’ve swum five times since the challenge started and tonight I have finally pushed through 3 miles!!! I am so, so chuffed you have no idea!

Last Thursday I pushed myself to do 80 lengths (the pool is 15m long), tonight I could only manage 50.

It was a struggle.

I’ve damaged my shoulder and my neck🙁 it was sore anyway but made worse when I got shunted from behind in my car leaving work on Wednesday when the snow and ice had hit. So I’ve been popping the pills, rubbing cream in and tonight I’ve been sprayed with freezing spray.

I simply have to carry on. I can’t wait for it to get better. Time is ticking.

This is precisely why I do what I do. Yesterday I made a snow angel, today there is no sign of the snow. It was only a simple thing but I grasped at the chance – I was in a field on my own at the time and I videoed it for proof! You don’t know what’s around the corner. You simply can’t wait for the time to be right. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Tell that person how you feel. Walk that walk. Climb that hill. Go down a road you’ve always been curious about. If it’s something you’ve always fancied doing, do it. Just do it.

The Diabetes UK charity have set up a tracker page, thankfully! We put our lengths in and it calculates how far we have gone. I have received a virtual reward – Turtle Chaser🐢😆🏊🏻‍♀️

I have 19 more miles to go. I hope I can make it. I’m not sure what state I’ll be in by the end of it but I will not let it beat me.

And remember people- don’t wait- just do it.

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