A Big Update

Well, you’ll never guess what!

I only went and did it!!

I swam my First Ever Mile on Sunday night!!!

I still can’t quite believe it.

It was a fairly quiet pool, just Viv (aka Ariel) next to me and a couple of other people, so no body dodging or swimming over children….no I don’t do that….not if I can help it 😉

I’d had a day off on Saturday which obviously helped, having swum three nights on the trot the week before, the first length felt soooo good. I actually felt really comfortable in the water.

I churned out length after length, sometimes even beating Viv! I realised I felt stronger and was getting faster. I worked up a sweat – mind you with a swimming condom on your head the heat stays in there!😂

As I approached my km I realised I was on for a PB so I really pushed myself even harder. The first time I swam a km I did it in 49 minutes, Sunday I smashed that. I did it in 37 minutes!! I was so so happy! Viv and I high fives and I think I did a little squeal.

She asked me if I was going to go for my mile, I thought about, thought I’d like to but I’d just done 68 lengths and a mile is 108, so it was quite a few more. I said I’d see how I went. I slacked off and carried on, trying different things.

The lengths kept clicking and I began to realise I might actually be able to do it! I put a bit more effort in again and kept looking at the clock – could I do it in under an hour?!

I came damn close!! 61.30 minutes!!! If only I hadn’t slacked off! But never mind, I was so pleased, my grin was as huge as the Cheshire cats 😃

I’d swum a mile. I never ever thought I could do that. It was something swimmers did. Not me. But it was amazing what goes through your mind. You realise it’s up to you. If you want to achieve it you have to put the effort in, you have to believe, focus and have determination. I had all of those.

I amazed myself.

I hugged Viv, she’s the one that stuck by me and taught me to swim properly, never once giving up on me. She doesn’t give up on me – full stop. She is my rock.

Next challenge is to get the time down. That will come, I know it will.

We’ve still got until the 22nd May before the challenge ends. I might try and do over the 22. Viv is aiming to do 44!! We are swimming the equivalent of the English Channel, she wants to swim back – maybe I’ll just stay in France 😉

Fundraising – I’ve made over £540 so far. If you want to donate and make me swim even further the link is below, thanks x

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