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A Big Wet Week

This swimming malarkey is knackering, especially when you have a best friend encouraging you and not allowing you to quit. That friend is Viv, she’s cropped up in a couple of my other blogs. She’s my rock, the voice in my head and conscience on my shoulder, although I don’t always follow her advice…I can be a bit of a rebel, much to her despair😬

Anyway, the swimming.

It’s been a huge week. We have swum for the last 6 nights.

On Tuesday I swam a mile, it’s becoming a habit, but I’d had enough, we’d swum the night before too so my body was not happy. Only, Viv had other ideas. She knew what mileage I was up to, she quickly worked out what I would need to do to reach halfway – 11 miles. Now 1 mile in our pool is 108 lengths, she worked out I needed to do another 27!! That was a huge ask, I’d already dug really deep for the last 20 lengths. It didn’t take me long to decide I had to go for it. What’s the point if you don’t push yourself to do a bit more each time or set yourself goals that challenge you.

So I had a ‘pit stop’ and got back in. I ended up doing a total of 138 lengths – I have no clue how though but oh my goodness how happy was I?!! I’d made it to the halfway mark of the challenge, 11 miles in less than 5 weeks with one of those weeks off due to unforeseen circumstances AND I’d just swum 1.25 miles!! I couldn’t believe it. Another personal record!!

We didn’t stop there. Wednesday we swam, I did 1km, it seems pathetic now but I didn’t want to push myself too much, my body doesn’t have many bits that aren’t affected by it and I currently have shares in Voltorol and freeze spray!

Thursday, another swim, I did another 1.25 miles – bearing in mind while I’m splashing away at my 130+ lengths Viv is doing 170+!!

Friday night was a nightmare in the pool. Way too many people, I ended up getting out after 20 lengths and gave my spot to Viv who was on a mission. I wasn’t feeling it anyway and my neck, shoulders and arms didn’t want to play – and I was in danger of swimming into people, rude people.

Saturday, Viv had 2 miles left of the 22 mile challenge, the plan, she was going to do a mile so she could finish it on Sunday, me, the way I was feeling I’d have been happy with 1km or even half a mile.

The reality – the pool was lovely and quiet, just us two for the most of it, I ended up doing a mile, breaking my Pb for 1km at 35 mins and breaking my mile Pb at 56 mins – I did a little whoop😜 and Viv, well, Viv decided to reach the beach in France, she went for it, she ended up swimming the 2 miles that she had left – incredible. She made it look really easy. Dead proud of her ❤️

I’m now up to just over 14 miles done out of the 22, Viv is going to come home from France, she’s going to do another 22 miles. We have until the 22 May. We are having Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off with dry land commitments – I have a feeling that by Thursday we will be raring to go! It’s quite addictive – who knew?!😳😃

I will have to keep trying to break my pb’s, swim a bit further, maybe try for a 1.5 mile swim. I can’t quite believe I’m talking like this! I feel so much stronger in the water, I’ve lost around a stone since December and also toned up a bit – and I’m raising money for Diabetes UK.

I’m loving it!!😃💦🧜‍♀️


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