I Can’t Quite Believe It!

So this was it, the day of the last (official) mile of my Diabetes Swim 22 challenge – to swim 22 miles from the 22nd February to the 22nd May. It’s the equivalent of swimming the English Channel – so today I was going to arrive in France!

I was swimming, as always, with my bestie Viv (Ariel the mermaid) and I’d asked a good friend at work to join me, Heather, as she’d swum with me before.

I was a little excited but kept it in check, I still had to swim the mile.

The pool wasn’t too bad to begin with, there were a few people, it got a bit choppy but no white horses😁 but it soon started to fill up.

Viv and Heather were my bodyguards, which meant I could just plough on – apart from bumping into a small child who’d strayed into my lane all was good.

After a while I went to check my watch but Viv, who was mirroring my lengths, stopped me from looking – so I just carried on and trusted her.

She told me when I’d done half a mile and then 1 km, I was desperate to know the time, I knew I was going steady and felt like I was a little faster.

I just kept swimming, you get a lot of thinking done when you’re doing 108 lengths of a 15m pool.

I tried to look again but was told I was close.

It’s quite hard swimming with a smile.

Viv told me I’d done the 108 – I wanted to do 2 more, just to make sure the online tracker we use didn’t come up short.

I did it.

110 lengths, 1 mile and I’d only gone and broken my PB again and had done it in 50 minutes!!!


The three of us ‘high fived’ and I said “Bonjour!” and we had a hug😁 it was an amazing feeling.

I still can’t quite believe I can swim (although my technique needs some work, that’s next on my list) let alone swim a mile and complete the challenge.

When I set out in the beginning it was a daunting task, I was working on doing 3km per week, with hopefully managing to swim a mile in one go at some point. But, my stamina built up, I kept it slow and steady and stayed focused on the task in hand and enjoyed all of it – including the challenging swims when the pool was very busy!!

Now I have been challenged by a work colleague to swim up to 30 miles for a donation, I accepted the challenge. I’m loving it.

The question is – what’s next?! I need to have something to focus on. My ideas and plans have evolved and changed over the last month or so, my mindset has changed.

I will have to put my thinking cap on and search for a challenge that’s not completely out of my reach – just enough though that it pushes me.

Amazing things happen outside of your comfort zone – try it 😁

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Quite Believe It!”

  1. Great read, don’t hold back, I only got back into swimming 5 years ago and since then have completed some big solo swims. Get the right people around you and the sky is your limit well done on achieving your goal.

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