A Lull

It’s been a while since my last trip away.

There have been reasons.

The main one being the swimming. It seemed to completely take over mine and Viv’s lives. I think we actually became a little addicted to it. I am however pleased (and proud) to say I swam 30 miles, the extra challenge that was put upon me and which I accepted, and make an extra donation for the good cause. I raised over £600 in the end.

Viv has less than a mile to go until she will be back in Blighty, having swum 44 miles!! This was supposed to be completed tonight but yet again circumstances of life got in the way.

The whole challenge was indeed a challenge, from start to finish. We set ourselves targets and tasks in our lives, some of them straightforward, others more involved and we always assume we will be able to complete them.

In the last 11 weeks of swimming, breaking PBs (my fastest mile being the the one that got me to France at 50 mins! and Viv swimming 2 miles in one session!!), having various illnesses, aches, pains, life problems, I can safely say it has been a rollercoaster.

I have also discovered the pool is a great place to do some thinking (I also do this in the shower but the singing and dancing often takes over 😜) so as you can imagine, 30 miles in the pool has produced a lot of thought.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself, from the challenge and from other people who have come and gone in that time.

My priorities have changed, the plans I had earlier in the year have changed, I’ve had to adapt, but that’s life. You have to roll with it, learn from it, pick yourself up and move on and when doing so, still try and find the positives in everything, this isn’t always easy I have to say.

I was inspired to take a little bike ride this afternoon, a friend sent me a photo of his view at work, a field and some trees. I realised it had been ages since I’d been out to just look at nature and be amongst it, instead of whizzing by it to the next whatever I had to do. Even a sunset trip on my bike last week turned into a quick get there, take the shots and get home and not taking the time to savour it – shame on me. I might go again tonight, it’s been a beautiful day and I think we will be blessed with another stunner.

The bike ride this afternoon wasn’t massive, just enough distance to get away from the noise of the roadworks (A1/A14 major transformation) and to be able to sit in a field, take my trainers off and sink my feet into the grass, lay back and listen to the birds singing to me.

Wow! It was fab! I’d lost track of what I love – nature. Fresh air. Trees. Birdsong – all of it. I need to get back out on the road, either day trips or weekends away and definitely back on my bike – I am very unfit, sure I can swim a mile but cycling up a hill produced a red face and lots of huffing and puffing!!

So people, no matter how busy you are, stop. Take stock. Reassess. Change direction if you have to, just keep going forwards – backwards isn’t an option – and don’t forget to actually look at the beauty around you. Don’t leave it for another day, just do it now – it’s all we have for sure.

End of ramblings 😆

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