Singapore – A Biggie

It was always a hope that when Richard (my ex husband) went to work in Singapore that I would hopefully be able to go out there one day, well, I’m a great believer in drawing things to you, if you believe something will happen hard enough you stand a good chance of it actually happening. Belief and positivity. But be careful, you can also draw negativity to you.

In this case, it has worked. I find myself sat in the Holiday Inn eating my dinner with a Budweiser on the eve of my flight to Singapore – on my own. I have come a long way from my first lone trip to Tintagel – that absolutely terrified me and yet here I am. More me than I have ever been – ever, and happy in my own company.

I have done a lot of reflecting of the past year over the last few weeks. A lot has happened. I ventured into the scary realm of online dating – with a vengence😳😂!! It’s not for the faint hearted, indeed sometimes I’m pretty sure it’s for people without a heart or an ounce of decency in them. But I have also made a few good friends along the way, keeping in touch, it’s kind of nice. I’ve had wonderful weekends away, perhaps the most memorable being my birthday weekend to Brussels where I have never laughed so much, a fab holiday with a beautiful friend, many nights spent with gorgeous friends, new experiences (festivals), new friends made and lots of lessons learnt. Now lessons are ok as long as you learn from them, move on and try not to repeat them. I will admit I have repeated a few mistakes but it sinks in eventually. I take time to process things and can’t be rushed – but I also act without thinking, taking myself out of my comfort zone, after all, nothing exciting happens in your comfort zone.

Anyway, Singapore – a biggie. It’s been in the planning for a fair few weeks, it all hinged on whether I could get enough annual leave over the Xmas period as I’d had last Xmas off too for the Fuertaventura trip. Luckily I have an amazing work family and I was granted the leave. I think they were possibly more excited than I was at that point!😂 I was cautiously excited, the flight still had to be booked and paid for.

Once it was that’s when I started looking at places to visit and things to do and that’s when the excitement started to build

But it wasn’t until the day I was leaving that it really took hold of me. People had been asking me for days if I’d packed, got my travel insurance, checked my passport and today they added got enough knickers!?😂

I left packing until the last minute – it’s what I do – put it all on the bed then shove it in the suitcase. I had time owing so I took the afternoon off. I’d printed off all the documents I needed, wrapped the Christmas presents I’d got for the boys, said goodby to them and off I went.

The journey wasn’t too bad, usual sticky spots. I got to the hotel only to discover that it had been booked for the next day!! I didn’t book it!! My ex did!! Luckily they were able to fit me in, without any extra charge and they even upgraded me!!

My friends seem to be constantly amazed that I am able to function. I try not to panic and worry about stuff which probably means I forget things – maybe I’m too laid back🤔😂 but I found in the past if I did then all the worry built up and I ended up being ill when I reached my destination.

So now, I have 7/8 days ahead of me, staying in an apartment that has a huge pool and a gym in a city ( I’m not a city lover!!) that I’ve heard nothing but good things about. I have a few things pre-booked but the rest of it I’m going to wing it. I didn’t want to restrict myself too much to a timetable, I’ve discovered there is so much to see and do. But I know one thing on my list – I’m going to hug a tree!! The rest – who knows with me!!😃

4 thoughts on “Singapore – A Biggie”

  1. Wow Angie! I hope you have an amazing time and I look forward to reading about your adventure in your next post! You are possibly the bravest women I know ❤️

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