Singapore – A Day of Rest

Between all the walking, the time difference, that was playing havoc and the heat, I was knackered. I woke up and then dozed – a few times. Eventually getting up to have breakfast on the balcony, coffee and writing a bit.

I think because I’m in an apartment block as opposed to a hotel I’m maybe more relaxed and not in the usual holiday mode you would be in, it’s not necessarily a bad thing but there are places to see while I’m here, but I don’t want to make myself ill by overdoing it, I don’t need to. I can choose to do as much or as little as I want – but I also know at the end of the day I have to be happy and content in the choice I made – to do or not to do 😃

The decision was then made to go for a swim in the giant pool, the cold giant pool!! It took my breath away again but a bit of mind over matter and I was off to push out another mile – always feels good, not always easy, some days require more determination than others but the feeling is always great – and better than doing nothing right?!

I then napped – don’t judge me, it was required, I was bone tired, so I listened to my body. It was a fab nap, waking up late afternoon. The only reason I got showered and ready was because I needed some shopping. Richard had got some things in for me but I needed other bits and pieces. He’d told me the shopping mall was at the next stop along on the metro – Boon Lay – so off I went.

I got distracted along the way to the metro🙄 there were trees and a lake!! It would have been rude not to go and say hello to a few of them. I absolutely love trees and the trees over here are something quite different. I can’t get over how many there are in a city and how many green spaces there are and so well looked after, it’s wonderful.

I caught sight of a squirrel, I love squirrels, I stopped to watch and video him, he looked quite dark and his tail wasn’t as bushy but it still twitched the same way. I may have talked to him 🙄🤪 and asked him to come into the sun so I could see him better – he obliged!! Which is when I noticed he had a black and white stripe down his side and an orange tummy!! I have since googled it and he was a Plantain Squirrel, very cute. I know they are classed as rodents and are pests but let’s face it, some humans can be classed the same – I may have met a couple!!😂

I dragged myself away and continued to the metro – boy was it hot today!! It’s quite a relief to get on the train, it’s air conditioned. Although when I get on I bang my head every time on the handles hanging from the ceiling and there are lots of them – I have to duck and dive around them!

Boon Lay was reached and in I went.

It was rammed with people. Apparently it’s Christmas!! Who knew!!

It felt like a happy place though. I stopped to look at a few shops – I’m not a shopping lover – at the same time wishing I had listened more closely to Richard when he was explaining where the supermarket was 😂 I ended up going up and down escalators in search of it. In the end I messaged him, he told me it was on the third floor – it wasn’t – it was on the first floor… about the blind leading the blind 😂

I found it and went in – with a basket not a trolley, I had to carry it back to the apartment! I got what needed and looked at some of the things on offer. Some of it I had absolutely no clue what it was, some of it turned my stomach and some was familiar – I bought a bag of chicken nuggets – I rock!!😂

Joining the queue I watched. I love people watching. I noticed that people just put the shopping basket on the conveyor belt, they didn’t empty it. When it came my turn I asked, just to make sure, and yes, it’s what you do. You put the full basket on there, they scan it and they pack it for you!! I liked!!

I made my way back out and to the train, the bags were heavy so I couldn’t dawdle.

It was a very warm walk back and I stopped to catch a sunset photo op, it was behind me and the best I could do.

By the time I got back I was shattered again.

It rained after I got back – a heavy, welcome downpour, can’t beat listening to the rain.

Dinner cooked, eaten and washed up I cracked open a bottle of red wine – this is not normal for me – and proceeded to binge watch a series on Netflix called Bodyguard, all 6 episodes!! It was gripping and I consumed 3 glasses of wine!!! I eventually got to bed in the early hours of the morning and slept.

I had thoroughly enjoyed my day. I don’t believe it was a wasted day. I just did what I fancied – because I can.

Everyday can’t be thrilling and exciting, it would get boring and you’d become used to it without appreciation. I try and appreciate and enjoy everything that I do no matter how mundane or thrilling – one day I may not be able to, so I make the most of it.

I knew I’d do something the next day – how could I not! I’m in Singapore!!!

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