Off Again!

Well, I’m off again! Another trip, another adventure!

I’m certainly at my happiest when I’m driving to a new destination.

The destination this time, ultimately, is Scotland. To be precise, Seil Island – to watch the World Stone Skimming Championships😃 Obscure I know, but I love things like that. I have already been to the World Pea Shooting Championships, Hen Racing, football in a river and the Official World Black Pudding Throwing Championships 😂 It’s all out there to be discovered and I’m doing my best to discover it all.

It all came from an adventure map that a friend put me onto. It’s full of weird and wonderful things to see and do, driving routes, points of interest, walking routes and so much more. Every time I look at it I see something different – love it!!

It usually results in a weekend away which is always a good thing.

Today I left work early and drove to Darlington for an overnight stop to break the journey.

It’s a gorgeous hotel, right up my street, old and creaky – just like me!

I’m currently sat sipping a large glass of red wine, waiting for my dinner, before retiring for a bath and an early night in readiness for the long drive tomorrow.

I’m a little excited….

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