Gerry – Again❤️ and again!!❤️

After I came back from the Leeds gig I knew I had to see him again, it all had quite an effect on me as do his songs – I haven’t stopped listening to them – I thought I had a problem. But then, I joined a couple of Gerry Cinnamon Facebook pages and realised I wasn’t the only one!! There are a lot of us out there. He is a force to be reckoned with, tour dates selling out in hours, his next album being released in April 2020 that people (me included) are pre ordering – no pressure Mr Cinnamon😄 All this without belonging to a record label – he must have an incredible team behind him.

So, on the back of the Leeds gig I began my search for a ticket to Glasgow, he was doing two nights in December. I found one for the Friday – the Saturday would be his last night, I would have liked that but I plumped for the Friday. It was at the SSE Hydro in the city so I booked my hotel, which was a 5 minute walk away, on my usual I originally booked one night but my friend talked me into staying another night🙄🤦🏼‍♀️😂 she said as I was going all that way I should make it worthwhile. So then I started thinking….that meant I could go on the Saturday night!! His last night of the tour in his hometown – how awesome would that be!! So I only went and bought a couple of tickets!! Single ones don’t come up very often and I knew I’d be able to sell the spare one, which I did.

A few weeks went by, excitement built in me and on the Facebook page. Then one day someone posted something. They asked if people had received their ticket for The Hydro. Holy crap! I hadn’t! With a week to go. I panicked. As I had bought the train ticket from Peterborough to Glasgow for the Friday I had to go! So when an email alert came up for tickets I took the chance and bought them🤷‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ not knowing if I could sort out my original ticket. However, I did. No problem. I could just pick it up at the Box Office. So now I had a spare ticket for the Friday night🤦🏼‍♀️ I didn’t know how I was going to get rid of this one, it was too close to sell it and get it in the recorded post so I waited to see if someone worthy of it came up on the Facebook page. I’d heard about quite a few people having problems buying tickets and getting ripped off so consequently people were a little dubious.

Finally on the day of travel someone posted that they were on their way and had lost their tickets. I offered them mine if they needed it, they thanked me and said they’d let me know. Another guy saw I’d posted this and messaged me privately. I told him the other person had first refusal which he was cool with. It eventually became his ticket, the other guy had managed to get replacements at the box office. We made arrangements where and when to meet and I continued on my journey.

The train journey was easy, I’d reserved my seat, found it and settled in. It was very relaxing and very easy, with only one change at Edinburgh to take me on to Glasgow.

As soon as I arrived into Glasgow Queen Street I began to smile, just with listening to the conversations around me. I love the Scottish accent and it was lovely to hear.

I followed the exit signs, didn’t have a clue where I was going so walked until I found a taxi stand and asked the driver to take me to my hotel.

He was fab!! I love talking to people like this, he was soon chatting. Telling me about his daughter, they’d been to London to buy some Converse shoes from Selfridges, telling me which street had the Christmas lights as we crossed it, that a Theatre we were passing used to be a porn movie theatre😃 very chatty!! I told him I loved the accent, he said he was speaking his best Queens English for me😂 As we were driving I noticed a big bill board, it was kind of an iconic picture of Gerry Cinnamon, taken from behind while he’s on stage, only really recognisable to those who know him. I was oddly excited to see it, I took a photo as we passed.

He asked me what I was doing for the evening, so I told him I was going to see Gerry Cinnamon “Top Lad” he said – I know!! He told me not to throw my knickers at him 🤣😂 and for some reason (I still don’t know why – I guess it’s just who I am🤦🏼‍♀️🤷‍♀️) I found myself saying “you assume I wear them” 😯😯😳🤦🏼‍♀️ he just laughed and told me to take a fresh pair with me!😂 Anyway, at least he got out and opened the door for me when we got to my hotel, shaking my hand and pointing out where I had to go to get to The Hydro (it was spitting distance)🤣😂

I checked in and just had time for a nap, this travelling business is tiring and I miss my Vinnie to stop and have a nap in!

I was meeting the guy outside a tunnel near the Hydro at 6.45, I found the tunnel and ended up asking a random young man if he was Michael! Well he was wearing an Adidas top and so was the guy I was meeting – but then Gerry Cinnamon has made them quite popular!! So there were a few people with them on 😆

He spotted me first and shouted Angie. He said hi and asked me how much I wanted for the ticket, I said a beer will do, Happy Christmas. So we went in the Exhibition centre where he bought me a beer and we sat and chatted for a bit before going through security in the Hydro, he needed to go through with me as I had the ticket in my name. He bought me another beer, chatted some more then we went our separate ways to our seats.

The build up to Gerry was in full swing, The Coral we’re playing their set and the crowd were slowly building up. I knew what to expect now, knew when he would be coming on so I was more relaxed than Leeds.

It came to sweet Caroline and then Give it Up – Na na na nan na na nan nah Gerry Cinnamon, Cinnamon, Gerry Cinnamon !!!! Bloody fantastic!!! The crowd on the floor were on fire – so were we in the seats – what does this man do to us!!! He is truly amazing – even before he comes on stage!!! And when he comes on stage…oh boy!!!! It’s totally electric!!! He’s a Duracell battery, full of energy and you can tell he’s absolutely loving it!!! He feeds off the crowd and we feed off him. I smiled the whole way through again!!! Although maybe the two beers helped that too and I did fall down the steps on my way to the loo🤦🏼‍♀️ the strip lights on the floor blinded me!!🤪😂

Next day, after a quick trip over to see Edinburgh for the afternoon, and another hilarious conversation with a taxi driver (he’d bought his wife – via his daughters – a £27 mop😱 for Christmas) I was back in the Hydro for his not to be missed last gig of the tour in his hometown. I’d had a spare ticket for this one too but I managed to sell it online beforehand. I’d joked that I was going to say hi Stephen to the guy sitting next to me as he wouldn’t know how I knew his name. When I got in there though I didn’t. I came close though 😁 I did however start a conversation with him 🙄🙈 can’t seem to stop myself! He was a nice guy, I told him I’d sold his ticket, he thanked me, he was dead chuffed, he’d given his ticket to one of his two sons who were sat on the other side of the arena and had to get one for himself. We chatted for a bit and then Gerry made his appearance.

OMG!!! I didn’t think the other two times could be bettered. I was wrong, so wrong. I simply cannot describe the atmosphere. He was emotional at one point. He couldn’t believe what had happened, how the tour had turned into a monster. He’s very modest, and in tune with his fans. At one point there was something going on in the front of the standing crowd and he was trying to calm it down, telling them to chill, started singing One Love at one point and didn’t continue until all was calm. Kept saying how it was all about us all coming together.

In between the songs the guy next to me turned to me and told me he may have a spare ticket for Hampden in July and asked if I’d be interested… dumb question!!! I said yes!!! He had my email and said he’d message me in the morning (he did) and we’d go from there. Wow!! Fab!!

Gerry ended on his usual Discoland and the explosive streamers. Just incredible. Left us wanting more…again. Off he went, he doesn’t come back on. They just play Canter and the crowd sing along again, not wanting to leave. The singing continues outside, it’s just a complete feel good factor, I literally don’t stop smiling, I absolutely love it.

I was sad it was all over, but the posts continue on the Facebook page and it’s nice to know there are other nutters out there who can’t get enough of him.

We are now looking forward to the new album in April and the next tour – I have a standing ticket for Brighton and the Ally Pally, now that will be a whole other experience!!!

I just can’t wait.


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