Singapore – A Biggie

It was always a hope that when Richard (my ex husband) went to work in Singapore that I would hopefully be able to go out there one day, well, I’m a great believer in drawing things to you, if you believe something will happen hard enough you stand a good chance of it actually happening.… Continue reading Singapore – A Biggie


A Very British Day Out

That was it. I’d had enough. I’d lost my momentum. Time for a day out. On my own. I searched the internet for events, most that come up now are festivals of some sort - I’m not a festival goer, not yet anyway, I have my first mini festival that’s local called Buckfest in July… Continue reading A Very British Day Out


A Lull

It’s been a while since my last trip away. There have been reasons. The main one being the swimming. It seemed to completely take over mine and Viv’s lives. I think we actually became a little addicted to it. I am however pleased (and proud) to say I swam 30 miles, the extra challenge that… Continue reading A Lull


I Can’t Quite Believe It!

So this was it, the day of the last (official) mile of my Diabetes Swim 22 challenge - to swim 22 miles from the 22nd February to the 22nd May. It’s the equivalent of swimming the English Channel - so today I was going to arrive in France! I was swimming, as always, with my… Continue reading I Can’t Quite Believe It!

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A Big Wet Week

This swimming malarkey is knackering, especially when you have a best friend encouraging you and not allowing you to quit. That friend is Viv, she’s cropped up in a couple of my other blogs. She’s my rock, the voice in my head and conscience on my shoulder, although I don’t always follow her advice...I can… Continue reading A Big Wet Week