Getting Away From It All

It had been a challenging start to the New Year to say the least. A motorbike accident, potential job forced change (now confirmed) and my sister diagnosed with stage 4 cancer – all within the first few weeks of January. This meant no adventures, my time and energy had to be directed elsewhere. In short… Continue reading Getting Away From It All


Gerry – Again❤️ and again!!❤️

After I came back from the Leeds gig I knew I had to see him again, it all had quite an effect on me as do his songs - I haven’t stopped listening to them - I thought I had a problem. But then, I joined a couple of Gerry Cinnamon Facebook pages and realised… Continue reading Gerry – Again❤️ and again!!❤️


Corryvreckan – Whirlpools

It was the evening of the Stone Skimming Championships. I knew I wanted to do the trip to see the Corryvreckan whirlpool, I’d been told about it before I left and had looked at booking but I’d dithered 🙄 So now I was desperate to book but I only had the day I was leaving… Continue reading Corryvreckan – Whirlpools


Yes!! It’s a Real Thing!!

So, my adventure map had an adventure that soon became top of my list. It wasn’t a quick trip, it would require planning and time off work - oh well!😃 It was in Scotland, on an island called Easdale and it was The World Stone Skimming Championships. 😁 Needless to say I had difficulty in… Continue reading Yes!! It’s a Real Thing!!


Eccentricities and Traditions

My good friend (Sue❤️) at work had found a map and thought of me. It was no ordinary map. It was an Adventure map. The best kind. I bought it and was immediately immersed in all the wonderful things and places that were on offer. All the things that are going on at weekends and… Continue reading Eccentricities and Traditions


Off Again!

Well, I’m off again! Another trip, another adventure! I’m certainly at my happiest when I’m driving to a new destination. The destination this time, ultimately, is Scotland. To be precise, Seil Island - to watch the World Stone Skimming Championships😃 Obscure I know, but I love things like that. I have already been to the… Continue reading Off Again!


Summer Solstice Sprint – Sunset

Setting off after breakfast my ultimate destination was Morecombe on the west coast. But first I had a couple of stops to make, the first being Whitby, I had been told it was well worth a visit. I set my google maps and started off but as usual something caught my eye along the way.… Continue reading Summer Solstice Sprint – Sunset


Summer Solstice Sprint

It’s odd where the ideas come from, often it’s just a simple conversation that sparks me off with an idea. This conversation was about the sunsets and how after the solstice the nights would start drawing in. A sobering thought when you realise we are half way through the year and you haven’t done much… Continue reading Summer Solstice Sprint


Just Me, On My Own, in Yorkshire

Well this one was a long time coming. I knew I needed to get back to my weekends away having stalled over the winter months (apart from Singapore at Xmas) Question was, where to go, I had no great callings. Instagram is always good for inspiration. I found a photo of a waterfall that took… Continue reading Just Me, On My Own, in Yorkshire


Tom, Dick and Really?!! Online Dating Insight

First of all before I start this particular blog, a word of warning to my mum, who at 82 has started to dabble in technology and has discovered my blog, I may swear and say things you will not approve of, so it’s your choice whether you want to read it or not. I believe… Continue reading Tom, Dick and Really?!! Online Dating Insight