Tom, Dick and Really?!! Online Dating Insight

First of all before I start this particular blog, a word of warning to my mum, who at 82 has started to dabble in technology and has discovered my blog, I may swear and say things you will not approve of, so it’s your choice whether you want to read it or not. I believe… Continue reading Tom, Dick and Really?!! Online Dating Insight


Singapore – Shooting the Breeze

It was my last full day, I had one more sleep before I would have to pack up and leave. I knew I already didn’t want to. I had nothing planned. I got ready and decided along the way that I really should go and see the Marina Bay Sands hotel up close. So far… Continue reading Singapore – Shooting the Breeze


Singapore – Boxing/Bike Day

I had to be up early! Not my strong point, especially as my sleep pattern could currently be described as paisley, if Picasso had had a hand in it! You get the picture?! But I had to force myself as today was the day of the Bike Tour around the city. It started at 9… Continue reading Singapore – Boxing/Bike Day


Singapore – Christmas Day

Well, I knew it was going to be a different day, it’s what I wanted. Last year it was Fuertaventura with my boys, 4 years ago it was New York as a family. I don’t know if I’ve said this before but I do envy the people who have the big happy family Christmas, I… Continue reading Singapore – Christmas Day


Singapore – Bus Day

Before I left the UK I had booked a couple of things, one of them being a hop on hop off bus ride, through an app called Get Your Guide (which I highly recommend). I’ve done them before, Hong Kong, New York and a Duck Tour in Washington, which goes on the road and then… Continue reading Singapore – Bus Day


Singapore – A Day of Rest

Between all the walking, the time difference, that was playing havoc and the heat, I was knackered. I woke up and then dozed - a few times. Eventually getting up to have breakfast on the balcony, coffee and writing a bit. I think because I’m in an apartment block as opposed to a hotel I’m… Continue reading Singapore – A Day of Rest


Singapore – First Day Out

I woke up late. Well, a lot later than I wanted to but I still wasn’t adjusted to the time. It’s also very hard when everyone you know and love is awake when you are supposed to be asleep. I got myself ready, not yet knowing exactly where I was going to venture to. I… Continue reading Singapore – First Day Out


Singapore – Travel Day and a little bit more..

I was awake. I’d managed to sleep a bit but you never can settle when you know you’ve got to be up super early, I had to get the bus to the Terminal. I was downstairs waiting nice and early. I bought a return ticket at the machine and stood and waited. I decided to… Continue reading Singapore – Travel Day and a little bit more..


Singapore – A Biggie

It was always a hope that when Richard (my ex husband) went to work in Singapore that I would hopefully be able to go out there one day, well, I’m a great believer in drawing things to you, if you believe something will happen hard enough you stand a good chance of it actually happening.… Continue reading Singapore – A Biggie