Singapore – Travel Day and a little bit more..

I was awake. I’d managed to sleep a bit but you never can settle when you know you’ve got to be up super early, I had to get the bus to the Terminal. I was downstairs waiting nice and early. I bought a return ticket at the machine and stood and waited. I decided to… Continue reading Singapore – Travel Day and a little bit more..


A Lull

It’s been a while since my last trip away. There have been reasons. The main one being the swimming. It seemed to completely take over mine and Viv’s lives. I think we actually became a little addicted to it. I am however pleased (and proud) to say I swam 30 miles, the extra challenge that… Continue reading A Lull

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A Big Wet Week

This swimming malarkey is knackering, especially when you have a best friend encouraging you and not allowing you to quit. That friend is Viv, she’s cropped up in a couple of my other blogs. She’s my rock, the voice in my head and conscience on my shoulder, although I don’t always follow her advice...I can… Continue reading A Big Wet Week